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Success stories

University of Southampton Undergrad Partners with WhoisXML API to Improve Student Focus and Motivation

We recently partnered with JJ Snedden, a BSc Computer Science student at the University of Southampton. He heeded our continuous call for academic collaboration, making our data part of his research and development (R&D) project, “Improving Online Studying Routines to Assist or Develop Students’ Capabilities.”

“Projects like this resonate with our goal of making the Internet a safer and more transparent place. Mr. Snedden’s system can be crucial in providing a sound and safe external study environment to students and we supported it by providing accurate web categorization intelligence,” says our CEO and founder Jonathan Zhang.

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Web Categorization Data Enriches Web Tracking Analysis

WhoisXML API continues to work with security researchers, scholars, and other experts as part of our goal to raise cybersecurity awareness and our overarching mission of making the Internet a safer place.

Among those who recently heeded our call is Fergus Smith, a software development MST student at the University of Glasgow. He worked on a distributed multiplayer game aimed at educating Internet users about the prevalence of web tracking.

The project called “TrackerHunt” was developed as a Chrome extension that enables users to learn what specific websites are tracking them. WhoisXML API’s Website Categorization API helped deepen the web tracking insights by allowing users and researchers to see the categories the web pages that employ web trackers fall under.

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NESTA Foundation

Whois Data Opening up a New Avenue for the Measurement of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the central process through which economic growth and performance is fostered in a regional economy. Its evaluation is thus of paramount importance for policymakers and economists. However, the quantification of entrepreneurship, that is, introduction of measures to describe the attempts to start growth-oriented business, the likelihood of their success, the ability to raise venture capital, etc. is a challenging task due to the lack of globally available and accurate input data on e.g. business registration.

In a recent working paper a new approach is proposed to overcome this issue by using WHOIS registration data. The approach is applied to companies in Oxford and Cambridge, UK as a demonstration, by using data purchased from WhoisXML API.

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.COM vs. All Others: New Research Reveals Domain Registration Trends and Churn Rates for Eight TLDs

The web hosting review platform has recently commissioned a study to research domain registration and churn trends across eight top-level domains (TLDs). The investigation covered a sample of 1 million domain names and their WHOIS records gathered from WhoisXML API’s extensive domain intelligence database...

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