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A Study of APT Groups Known for Targeting North American Countries

At least 41 advanced persistent threat (APT) groups have reportedly targeted North American countries over the past two decades. And their targets have ranged from individuals (e.g., field experts and think tanks) to entire sectors (e.g., industrial and government).

The WhoisXML API research team analyzed the inner workings of seven of these APT groups1—APT33, APT41, FIN7, Kimsuky, Molerats, Turla, and ZIRCONIUM—by expanding 59 indicators of compromise (IoCs) associated with their latest attacks.

Our study of the seven APT groups known for targeting North America led to the discovery of:

  • 148 email addresses found in the IoCs’ historical WHOIS records
  • 47 public email addresses
  • 544 email-connected domains found using current WHOIS records
  • 1,941 email-connected domains found using historical WHOIS records

Download a sample of the threat research materials now or contact us to access the complete set of research materials.

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