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WhoisXML API Integration Is Now Available on Query.AI

WhoisXML API Integration Is Now Available on Query.AI

WhoisXML API is thrilled to announce a new integration with Query.AI, a federated search platform for security data. This collaboration will allow security analysts, investigators, and other Query.AI users to leverage powerful domain and IP intelligence for enriched federated search capabilities and to proactively identify and enrich suspicious domains and IP addresses with ownership and geolocation data.

The integration of WHOIS API and IP Geolocation API into Query.AI will enable users to make faster and more informed security decisions, reduce investigation time and effort, and gain a holistic view of potential threats.

WHOIS API and IP Geolocation API deliver various advantages and capabilities through this integration, including:

  • Comprehensive domain and IP data coverage: Nearly a decade of data aggregation enabled WhoisXML API to create an extensive domain repository covering millions of active domains across 7,596+ gTLDs, ccTLDs, and ccSLDs, while its IP data covers 99.5% of active IP addresses across 235,000 ISPs and 291,000 locations.
  • Up-to-date and current: Near-real-time WHOIS and IP data gathering is made possible with WhoisXML API’s direct and long-term partnerships with domain registries, registrars, ISPs, and other major Internet data providers.
  • Well-formatted and unified data: WhoisXML API’s domain data is well-parsed, making it easy for Query.AI to normalize the results into its Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF)-based Query.AI Data Model (QDM) and provide users with data points critical to investigations.

“WhoisXML API is committed to empowering organizations with the intelligence they need to make informed decisions and mitigate security risks. Our new integration with Query.AI represents a significant leap forward in this mission. Providing Query.AI users with seamless access to our domain and IP intelligence equips security professionals with the tools they need to conduct faster, more effective investigations and ultimately safeguard their organizations from evolving threats,” says Jonathan Zhang, WhoisXML API CEO.

To learn more about the integration, please read this integration documentation.

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Query.AI provides the market’s only security investigation control plane for modern enterprises. Its patented browser-based platform delivers real-time access and centralized insights across on-premises, multi-cloud, and SaaS applications without duplicating data from its native locations.

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