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WhoisXML API Launches New Website Categorization Database

We are excited to introduce a new and improved version of our Website Categorization Database, now enriched with critical Autonomous System (AS) and WHOIS data points. This innovative release enables more accurate and targeted website classification with its 80+ granular categories.

The specific improvements made to this version of Website Categorization Database include:

  • New output fields: The database’s output fields now include a domain’s WHOIS creation date, country code, and IP address AS details, including AS number, domain, name, route, and type.
  • Hyper-targeted categories: This new version classifies websites into 84 granular categories, including Gambling, Botnets, Spam URLs, Confirmed Spam Sources, Phishing and Other Fraud, and Malware.
  • Updated confidence scoring: A confidence score is given for each category associated with a website to help users evaluate the likelihood of categorization accuracy.
  • Daily updates: The entire website categorization database is updated daily.

The new Website Categorization Database’s use cases include:

  • Web filtering implementation: The new database further enables network administrators and security teams to go beyond web category-based filtering and consider IP- and domain-related contextual inputs.
  • Early threat detection: Daily updates to the database mean fresh categorization intelligence is available on websites possibly involved in suspicious and malicious activities, allowing security teams to further implement early threat prevention strategies.
  • Threat research and investigation enrichment: Security investigators and researchers can now use the database to trace the AS routes and other critical data points of websites involved in malicious activities.
  • Market research and business insights: Companies can further analyze regional online traffic and determine dominant industries or companies by correlating the most prevalent website categories against their AS details.

Website Categorization Database is downloadable in CSV and JSON format for easier integration into most systems.
Download a database sample now or contact us to learn more about how the tool can enrich your web filtering and business strategies.

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