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September 2022: DNS Highlights

WhoisXML API analyzed more than 9.3 million newly registered domains (NRDs) added between 1 and 30 September 2022 to determine the top-level domain (TLD) and text string usage. We also investigated how news items were represented in the Domain Name System (DNS)—Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II passing away and the iPhone 14 release. Check out the overview of our findings below.

Getting JSON Lines from an API Call into a CSV File via UNIX Command Line

WhoisXML API offers, via API calls, a lot of information on domains or IP addresses that is very useful for a number of applications, including cybersecurity investigations, domain appraisal or system administration. Imagine that one is given a long list of domain names, and one is interested in each domain's details, e.g., WHOIS or website categories, etc. In each API call, a single domain name is sent, and its data is returned in JSON format. (Some of the APIs of WhoisXML API offer bulk lookups, too, but we will not deal with this possibility here.) To get an overview of the data, analysts often prefer to have everything in a single csv file; one line for each domain. This can be opened by popular office spreadsheets like Excel or LibreOffice Calc, or sent to other kinds of processing. 

August 2022: Student Loan Cancellations, American Football Season, Natural Disasters Around the World, and Six Months into the Ukraine-Russia War

Our team monitored the DNS for registration activities related to some of the most trending and pressing issues in August, ranging from sports to global disasters. An overview for each trend is below.

June-July 2022: Pride Month, Economic Recession, Abortion Laws, and the Stock Market

We monitored the DNS for activities related to some of the top events and pressing issues in June and July 2022. Check out the overview below, and feel free to download the dedicated threat reports where available.

Orchestrating Open Source Software and WHOIS Newly Registered Domain data feeds to fight the typosquatting plague

Typosquatting and related types of cyber threats, such as domain squatting, phishing campaigns, IDN homoglyph attacks, etc., cause significant harm and incur financial loss, so it is vital to be vigilant and fight against these malicious threats. 

Q2 2022: Seasonal Domain Registrations, Persistent Online Shopping Dangers, Burgeoning NFT Cybersquatting, and the Russia-Ukraine War

We rounded up some of the most significant events and trends in the second quarter of 2022 that we observed coinciding with domain registration and DNS activities. An overview of these highlights is presented below.

20 Questions WHOIS Data Can Help Answer

Aside from the most obvious and common WHOIS data use case—determining “who is” behind a domain—each WHOIS record can help reveal more details about a domain.

June 2022: Monkeypox Outbreak, Never-Ending Fashion Brand Counterfeiting, and Online Shopping Dangers

We detected noteworthy domain registration and Domain Name System (DNS) activity connected to some of the current events in May 2022, along with age-old targets of cybercriminal activities. We provided an overview for three of these items below. You may download relevant threat reports where available.

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