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Product and Feature Updates for Q1 2022

In line with WhoisXML API’s commitment to improve its services, we released the following products and specific improvements so far in Q1 2022:

  • Real-Time Domain Registration Streaming: We now have a new domain data delivery model that enables organizations to get a steady stream of newly registered, updated, discovered, and dropped domain names with their corresponding WHOIS information with data delivery cycle intervals between 1 and 59 minutes. With Real-Time Domain Registration Streaming, clients no longer need to wait for the next batch feed file or manually perform API calls to get the data they need.
  • SSL Certificate Chain product line: WhoisXML API introduces another source of Internet data visibility with our SSL Certificate Chain product line. Users can obtain the SSL certificates of a given domain name, learn critical details about them, trace their complete SSL certificate chain, and verify their validity with a single query. SSL certificate and SSL certificate chain data can be accessed through various consumption models—SSL Certificate Chain API, SSL Certificate Chain Lookup, SSL Certificate Chain Data Feed, and Real-Time SSL Certificate Chain Streaming.
  • White-Label Domain Research Suite (DRS) demo: Organizations can offer DRS to their clients under their own label, and a white label demo for DRS version 2.0 has been made available. DRS is a 9-in-1 domain research and monitoring interface gleaning intelligence from our extensive WHOIS and Domain Name System (DNS) databases.
  • Improved IP geolocation coverage: We enhanced our IP geolocation coverage to continuously capture 99.5% of all IPv4 and IPv6 addresses in use. Our IP geolocation data is accessible through various delivery models, including IP Geolocation Lookup, IP Geolocation API, Bulk IP Geolocation API, Bulk IP Geolocation GUI, and IP Geolocation Data Feed.
  • Increased IPv6 Autonomous System number (ASN) field capture for IP netblocks: Our IP netblocks database now has more ASN field coverage for IPv6 addresses from 68% to 96%. WhoisXML API covers more than 10.3 million IP netblocks and over 65,000 unique ASNs, all accessible via IP Netblocks Lookup, IP Netblocks API, and WHOIS Database.
  • Bulk Email Verification Python client library: WhoisXML API’s engineering team developed a Bulk Email Verification client library in Python. The Python client library is available on GitHub and PyPI. Bulk Email Verification allows users to check the validity and existence of up to 50,000 email addresses in one go.
  • Bulk WHOIS API Python client library: A Python client library was also created for Bulk WHOIS API and is available on GitHub and PyPI. Bulk WHOIS API enables users to look for the WHOIS registration details of up to 500,000 domain names per query.

WhoisXML API continues to improve its products to maintain data freshness and quality, continuously offering exhaustive coverage and providing better data accessibility.

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