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Product and Feature Updates for Q2 2022

WhoisXML API made some significant changes and product feature upgrades in Q2 2022 . We are proud to announce the following updates:

  • The coverage of our DNS database has increased. Our DNS Database v2.0 data coverage increased by 521% as of June 2022. Daily updates were also developed, and AAAA records were added on top of the existing DNS records— i.e., A, MX NS, TXT, CNAME, and SOA records. These updates allow for more extensive and accurate threat hunting, cybercrime investigation, cyber forensics analysis, and other security and business processes.
  • Our data coverage for NRDs has increased. Our Newly Registered Domains (NRD) Database formerly covered 746 gTLDs and 1,510 ccTLDs. In June 2022, we added new data sources, increasing the coverage for .cn and .tw domains. We continuously update the database with 210,000+ new domains and 230,000+ expired domains daily.
  • End-users can now access part of NRD 2.0 statistics. We made selected NRD 2.0 statistics publicly available for users in June 2022. The data can be accessed by going to the NRD 2.0 homepage, toggling to “Related Products” on the right-hand corner, and selecting “Statistics.” End-users can view the NRD statistics by domain status, TLD type, and TLD.
  • We released SSL Certificates Quarterly DB. End of May 2022 marked the release of our SSL_Q2. Users can now enjoy more up-to-date SSL certificate data, including SSL certificate chain hierarchy, serial number, validation period, and signature algorithm. These are just some of the 50+ data points included in our SSL Certificates Database, which is downloadable in JSON format.
  • A new developer library for WHOIS API and Email Verification API is now available. Coding with Email Verification API and WHOIS API just got easier and more accessible to developers with the addition of GoLang Lib in May 2022. Java, JavaScript, and Python are among the other developer libraries available for WHOIS API. For Email Verification API, developers can code with PHP, Node.js, Flask, Express.js, and Python. Aside from these libraries, both APIs are available as Splunk applications.
  • IP Netblocks Data Feed BGP-enriched files are now available. WhoisXML API has included Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) as one of the data sources for our IP Netblocks Data Feed, making our coverage more comprehensive. BGP-enriched files include a parent field, which refers to the block from which the data was taken. This field indicates that the IP block details are from BGP routing tables.

Stay tuned for more product and feature improvements in the coming quarters.

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