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Defending Your Brands Against Cybersquatters

Defending Your Brands Against Cybersquatters

In October 2009, Michael Bosman, a California resident, registered with Melbourne IT, a domain name registrar in Australia. Three days later, he tried to sell the name to the World Wrestling Federation Entertainment Inc. (WWF) for a huge profit.

Setting up a whois database from WHOIS XML API data

This is technical blog describing how you can download bulk data from a data feed subscription at WhoisXML API, and how you can use them to set up a local Whois database on your server.

Our starting point is that you need data for some domains in files or in a database, for a given period of time. We describe how to achieve this goal in two Sections: the first one describes how you can access and download the data you need. The second one describes how to set up a database from the downloaded data, ranging from relational databases such as MySQL to other, noSQL storage methods, such as MongoDB.

The use of Whois databases in practice and research

This blog explains, without completeness, how you can make use of Whois data, especially in a form of a Whois database in various areas of marketing, IT security, etc.

In the present blog we give a holistic overview, of at least a part of applications of WHOIS databases. As a practitioner or a researcher, you can broaden your insight get some inspiration and possibly find new ideas and starting points for further study.

Real-time Email Address Verification for E-commerce Fraud Prevention

Real-time Email Address Verification for E-commerce Fraud Prevention

Online shopping and e-commerce is a multi-billion dollar industry. In 2017 the retail e-commerce sales have surpassed $2 Trillion and are growing at the rate of approximately 23% year over year. E-commerce has grown from being an early fascination to actually competing with brick and mortar business model. To put that into perspective, 53% of global internet users have made an online purchase in 2016, that’s approx. 1 billion people. And the trend seems to be just growing. With all the benefits that e-commerce is providing to its consumers, experts are predicting the industry to go up to $4.5 Trillion by 2021. Yes, that’s double of what we have now!

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